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The Radiohead complex

RadioheadYou probably know that I am writing a lot these days. The cool thing with long writings is that you have to tidy up your thoughts and make them (at least look) coherent. It involves digging into my past and understanding whatever positions I could have taken in the last 15 years to properly connect the dots between my ideas. And this is the point where I am supposed to give you the lecture about me changing over the years and being a better person and artist. Guess what? I’m not going to give you this lecture at all.

Music can’t be free

Everything free for you!When I released Introducing Pierre-Arnaud Dablemont for free in July last year, I already knew a free strategy wouldn’t last forever, even if I secretly hoped people would be generous enough to allow me to make the second album free too. Although everyone praised the release, my secret dream didn’t happen, so back to the plan A. The free strategy had a primary goal: gaining traction in a complicated market. But recording an album, as romantic as it seems, always ends up in the same way: paying the bills.

Stepping off the grid

Off the gridThese next two weeks, I will be off the grid. The recording is coming very fast, I launched the fundraising campaign this week-end, I now need to lock myself into the practice room and focus on what’s important: the music.

Latest News

More new music in 2014 with Composer Marc Yeats

Pierre-Arnaud Dablemont announces his collaboration with composer Marc Yeats for 2014. Reaffirming his commitment to expansion and promotion of contemporary piano repertoire as well as his passion for the music of our times, Pierre-Arnaud will premiere one of the UK-based composer’s most recent large-scale cycle for piano next year. Further projects are currently being planned and will be unveiled later this year.

Dablemont to launch #LvbFact Twitter hashtag

On Wednesday January 2nd 2013, pianist Pierre-Arnaud Dablemont will launch the twitter hashtag #LvBFact – a simple hashtag to learn and share about famous composer Ludwig van Beethoven.

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