Love music, be an agent of change.

You must be the change you want to see in the world © Rachael Preeya Nothing remains the same, everything is dynamic. Everything has to change if it wants a future (except the Coca-Cola recipe maybe!). This simple rule might have been forgotten along the way in our art. Of course you can refuse to change, to adapt, to evolve. You can live a life disconnected from reality, from people, perpetuating obsolete traditions as if the world has stopped long ago.

Of course, you can stay back and throw stones at those who try to make things move forward, laugh at them because they fail or blame them for what’s going wrong. For me that’s the real failure.

Or you can try to show what classical music really is: a living art open to everybody, a community of open-minded passionate people. Make classical music more relevant in people’s life. Fight against prejudice. That’s certainly a tougher path but it’s more than worth the trouble.

It’s up to you to make things change. Up to each one of us. The real question is: will you stay on the sidelines (where nothing ever happened) with critics and non-starters or be an agent of change?

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