Stepping off the grid

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Stepping off the Grid

These next two weeks, I will be off the grid. The recording is coming very fast, I launched the fundraising campaign this week-end, I now need to lock myself into the practice room and focus on what’s important: the music.

Before a big thing I always need to get my isolation period: I just work and rest. No contact with anybody. This is my planning for this next week, just before locking myself in another room: the studio.

I really like this period right before recording: you are very familiar with the works you’re going to record but you don’t know yet what’s going to happen. Usually, I spend this week exploring possibilities: Could I play the left hand like this here or use the pedal differently? What are my options in terms of tempi? I deconstruct my own interpretations and rebuild them in a different way. I prepare my arguments. I challenge myself to avoid falling into a routine and play the works in autopilot mode. Stay sharp Pierre-Arnaud!

And after this week will come the studio. The long hours testing setups and designing sound. The recording sessions, representing the final exploration of all the options I prepared or thought about. Editing sessions with its surprises and all the choices we make to build a final version. I’ll get to speak in depth about studio work later.

Maybe that’s why I like so much studio: isolation and focus. I have only one thing to do at a time. One could think it is the busiest moment of the year, but in fact once in studio, everything seems quiet and slow.

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