Why I need this summer blog hiatus

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Dear readers,

I won’t be blogging these next 2 months and have rather good reasons for this. Let me tell you why I won’t be blogging this summer.

  • I write already too much! Don’t get me wrong, I love writing. But with the book and a weekly blog post, I have turned into a full time writer rather than a pianist.
  • I need to think about the turn I want to give to this journal and thus take a break from it. The journal will return in September, but probably with a completely different type of content.
  • I must focus my energy on monetizable content/actions and bring money in. The last years have put me in an awkward financial situation. I believed in a certain business model and this business model didn’t quite work in the classical music environment yet. But as I’m not living in wonderland I still have to pay my rent and bills which is quite difficult right now. I have high business expenses (just ask how much it costs to buy and maintain a piano when you’re a professional pianist) and content creation, marketing, PR, managing costs skyrocketed while fees are going drastically down. As much as I love creating content and giving it away, I just can’t keep doing it.
  • Blogging is time consuming. I have a lot of work and need to get focused on what really matters: music. That’s what I signed up for in the first place: making music. I understand part of my job is doing marketing, PR and managing projects/concert, but when you spend more time at the computer than at a piano, there is something wrong. Yes, I would like to keep creating as much content as I do now, but I need some help to do so. And according to the previous point, I don’t have cash to get an intern. And without someone to help me, I must slow down, as my body started to show signs that I was clearly pushing too far.

It is time to slow down and shut down the blog for a while. Get some rest. Find people to help me. The comment section below is opened to any help you’d like to offer, or any idea you could have to give me a hand addressing these issues.

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