The power of a #hashtag

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Twitter and its Hashtags

I launched at the beginning of this year the #LvBFact hashtag: Everyday at 4pm GMT I tweet about Ludwig van Beethoven. Having a Beethoven album on its way, I’ve read quite a lot about the composer over the last months and I wanted to share the information with more people than the people I speak to everyday.

When Shoshana suggested me this undertaking, I was not convinced this could be fun at all. I can’t deny that tweeting daily about a narrow topic without being redundant nor boring is a lot of work. It is. But it is also enlightening and much more fun than I could imagine.

The wonderful thing behind this is that I learn in the process. Before preparing the #LvBFact daily tweets, I didn’t realize the power of a hashtag as an educational tool. Not only for others, but for me as well. This #LvBFact series generated many interesting conversations and I’ve learned a lot since the launch in January. As I am incredibly greedy for knowledge, I couldn’t be happier.

You maybe think I learn about Beethoven because other users post facts about him, but not only, and that’s the beauty of the thing. I get questions all the time and have to make sure my answers are correct (if I know the answer!) or make some research and dig into my archives. Other tweeps sent me very interesting and off the beaten path readings about the German composer. I’m always excited when someone sends me fresh material: it’s an opportunity to expand my knowledge of Ludwig van B.

The #hashtag power exists: I see it in action everyday. It brings people together over a common interest, make them share information, learn from each other. So thank you all for your little gems about Beethoven. I hope this hashtag helps you better know Beethoven’s life and works too.