Top 10 ways to help musicians without spending a dime

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Help me!Lately I saw a lot of people who seem to forget they can help musicians without putting money on the table. Of course we need money to realize our projects but if you don’t have cash it does’t mean you can’t help us tremendously. Never assume we get plenty of help: most of the time we get none and end up doing everything by ourselves, running in every direction and forced to drop lots of stunning projects because of a cruel lack of time. But, with a little help from you, we could easily gain a lot of time. Here are 10 ideas how to help a musician, even if you’re completely broke.

  • 1. Your expertise is needed. You may not know about that, but we need tons of help in very different fields like accounting, law, marketing, communication, video production, audio production (obviously!)… Never assume your skills aren’t useful to us: ask!
  • 2. Offer a Space. That’s for me a big issue. I have tons of new ideas but don’t have free access to a place/space/venue to realize them. And definitely don’t have the budget to rent. You have an empty barn, an unused pasture or another empty space we could use for a while ? Feel free to offer it to musicians, they might need it and turn your old barn into a concert venue.
  • 3. Lend equipment. You have a stellar audio interface you don’t use? Microphones you can occasionally lend? Or video equipment? Again, let your favorite musician know about this. It could save him/her a lot of time and money!
  • 4. Proofreading and copy editing. For those who write a lot like me, proofreading is something crucial. But I learned with time that proofreading has to be done by someone else: what seems very clear to you, can sound messy for others.
  • 5. Translation. I’ve written my blog both in French and English for a 3 or 4 years and finally couldn’t face the workload anymore. This was too much time-consuming, so I had to focus on English only and stop the French version. At that time, if I had had some help with translations, I would have certainly kept the French blog. Obviously too late for me, but for others?
  • 6. Write reviews. You like a CD, a film, a book, a documentary or whatever product a musician can put on the market? SAY IT! And write reviews on websites like iTunes, Amazon, Google play, on your blog or other message boards… It helps us spread the word, build trust and raises our profile.
  • 7. Talk to your friends. Word of mouth is still one of the most powerful marketing tool.
  • 8. Let presenters know who you’d like to see next year. You can bring to the attention of the music director who you’d like to see invited for the next season of your local symphony. Or for the next festival.
  • 9. Share the love on social media. This may be the more easy step. Share, like, retweet, +1 what you like and help spread the word.
  • 10. Drop your favorite musician an email to know how you can help him. Feel free to contact me at the email below (in the footer) ;-) .

Keep in mind that even helping 10 minutes a week can save a musician a lot of time. For example, I suck at accounting, and if you’re an accountant you probably need 10 minutes where it takes me 2 hours. Or spending 10 minutes a week promoting an artist on social media or writing a 5 lines review can be very useful. Do you have other ideas how to help musicians? Share them in the comments below!

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