• Ravel - Janacek
    Dablemont really impresses in the Ravel. Gavin Plumley - Entartete Musik
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Introducing Pierre-Arnaud DablemontPianist Pierre-Arnaud Dablemont’s highly anticipated debut album, Introducing Pierre-Arnaud Dablemont, will be released on July 15th 2012 with innovative ideas to reach new audiences.

Partially crowd-funded, this album will be available for free download on a dedicated website to help the pianist increase public awareness of the richness and variety of classical music and reach a broader audience than the traditionally targeted market. “Record sales are no longer a source of income for a musician, consumers are still paying high prices. A free album was for me the easiest way to encourage more people to listen to these fabulous works and convey my passion for classical music.” said Dablemont.

Finally, let us unveil the beautiful album artwork. (Yes, it’s Pierre-Arnaud’s left hand).

Introducing Pierre-Arnaud Dablemont

Before July 15th, register at http://introducing.pierre-arnaud-dablemont.com to get a free download link as soon as the album is released.