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First solo album is out!

Introducing Pierre-Arnaud Dablemont, the pianist’s first solo album, has finally been released with innovative ideas to reach new audiences. Both Janáček and Ravel have a particular resonance with Pierre-Arnaud Dablemont and reflect his path in the music world. He therefore naturally chose to feature these two composers in his first album.

Dablemont immediately fell in love with the French composer’s music which was the first step towards his insatiable curiosity for exploring 20th and 21st century repertoire and Leoš Janáček’s music strongly influenced his decision to study in Prague and discover Czech piano school.

The idea of pairing up Janáček and Ravel for a whole program has been following Dablemont for many years. Albeit difficult to put into practice within the framework of a live performance, this idea was perfectly fitting a solo recording project. Ravel and Janáček have always been part of the pianist’s core repertoire and a French-Czech program is perfectly reflecting the influence of cross-cultural diversity on his education and personality.

Through his studies in Prague conservatory Dablemont gained a rewarding insight into Czech music as well as was fortunate to learn the language and discover folk culture. These rare assets for a non-Czech pianist led him to record Janáček, the Czech composer who touches him so deeply that he moved to Czech Republic to better understand his music.

As far as the pianist can recall, Ravel’s music has always been part of his life. Fascinated by the French composer’s orchestral works first, Dablemont first encountered Gaspard de la nuit in his teens and never stopped playing it since then, always with the same pleasure. The legendary triptych is one of his preferred piano works and he couldn’t imagine his first album without Gaspard de la nuit.

Partially crowd-funded, this album will be available for free download on a dedicated website to help the pianist increase public awareness of the richness and variety of classical music and reach a broader audience than the traditionally targeted market. “Record sales are no longer a source of income for a musician, consumers are still paying high prices. A free album was for me the easiest way to encourage more people to listen to these fabulous works and convey my passion for classical music. ” said Dablemont.

To help this model being sustainable and this operation renewed for the next recordings, or simply if you liked the album, you can donate at For a donation over $30, a limited edition CD numbered, personalized and signed by the artist will be shipped to you as a gift (while supplies last).

Introducing Pierre-Arnaud Dablemont is now available for free in CD quality on a dedicated website. Get a download link and watch the teaser videos at