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  • Download Dablemont's new Beethoven album right now!
    Download Dablemont's new album right now!
  • The critically acclaimed debut album is available on iTunes, AmazonMP3, Google play and CDbaby!

Support Me!


There are less and less grants for performing artists and private patrons tend to turn to bigger institutions. To be able to create interesting content, we, performing artists need support from you, especially when you’re not a follower and have an experimental mindset. Moreover, it’s more fun to meet directly with you and much more rewarding for the artist to know that real people want to get involved in their work! Helping me is a way to show your support to my work and allows me to pursue my goals freely.

It’s also a way to get a more personalized album, book or whatever product that can be listed here: I always write a few words and sign these special products. This is my way to show you how much I care about your help. A win-win deal for both of us!

What do you get?

For each donation over $30 (25€), you will get a limited edition CD of Introducing Pierre-Arnaud Dablemont numbered, personalized and signed !*

*While supplies last


We always need an extra hand! Pierre-Arnaud is so creative and have so many projects he’d like to realize that the more we are the better it is. We need people for very different jobs like: proofreaders, translators, photographers, graphic designers, programmers, project managers … There is a place for everyone! If you have time to offer us, please contact us!

In kind contributions

You want to offer us merchandise, media support, event space, beverages and fare, technical or professional services or equipment? We need very different things here from spaces for recording/filming to audio interfaces, video cameras or catering, so get in touch with us, we’ll be happy to get your help and will certainly find a way to help you in return!