Does Internet help Classical musicians? (2/2)

March 24th, 2011

Does Internet help Classical musicians? (2/2)

In my last post, I discussed about the top 5 improvements Internet brought to the musician’s life. But nothing is ever totally black or white and Internet has some negative effects too. Today, let’s review 5 of the top reasons why internet doesn’t help Classical musicians.

  • Internet is time consuming : The pianist’s schedule was already pretty tight and with internet we have no free time left at all. Social networks, Blog, website, forums… We have to join the conversation and its immediacy : interactions on internet are now on a real-time basis and people expect you to react faster than ever. If you’re not careful about the time you spend on internet, it can quickly become your one and only activity of the day.
  • It increases our workload : As other media are not dead (yet?), we have to plan a web strategy in addition to other “traditional” media strategies. We all know how media strategies are difficult to set up and how painful this planning process is : since internet has been a mainstream media, I have much more work concerning the media planning.
  • Good marketing is always pricey : Internet may be smoke and mirrors. Free marketing? It doesn’t exist. As other media, Internet has a price and increased our communication budget : running a website, advertising, creating multimedia content… Being on the web is not enough, you have to reach your audience and I don’t think you can reach someone by just saying “Hello, I’m here!”. Internet is a really good medium, but a real effective web strategy with a good ROI is far from free.
  • Internet broadened offering : The classical music market is a tiny market and gets tinier every year. Internet made it easier to contact presenters and present our work, but on an already saturated market, Internet in fact broadened offering and that’s really not helping musicians : It’s more and more difficult to find concerts and our fees are going down. In brief, a logical outcome of the market over-saturation.
  • Copyright issues : Yes, there are copyright issues. Who has never seen one of his articles stolen? Who can deny the impact of digital piracy on music sales? Internet made it easier for us on certain points, but the relative easiness of piracy on the web really hurts the business.

To sum up, Internet is here and you must adapt your work style to survive. In any case I would go back to the old times without Internet. It has brought fantastic opportunities to all of us in recent years and made so many things possible that were never possible before, but there are some negative points of course. The key is to recognize the drawbacks and try to minimize the negative effects. Ultimately, I would say the positives of the internet far outweigh the negatives.

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    raymond d ferland

    I agree; you are totally 100% correct.
    You are very few of the indivduals I know that have
    this view. You have a very keen understanding, as well
    as a good gift of music.
    Best regards…

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    Thanks Ray!

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