One year to change

October 30th, 2009

One year to change

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I know I have not written a post for a while… The recent weeks have been difficult and I had neither the desire nor time to write something. Today I’m going back to my blog after a bad flu which has left me weak and tired. As usual, I didn’t want to go and see a doctor, and that did not help. But here I am, at least partly. Partly, because I’m not playing the piano seriously these days.

The last time I wrote I told you about rituals and lucky charms, and a week later I officially announced my little one-year retirement. But a question is often asked: why are you doing that? Firstly, I will not waste a year since I will continue my work, but the real and essential work that I want to perform forces me to stay away from stage for some time.

But is he mad? Not at all. Technically I need to set some things straight and profoundly change some approaches to move towards my ideal. These are fundamental issues related to gesture and my attitude towards the keyboard and I could not change them if I am constantly under pressure. Piano technique is not static, it may undermine its foundation to move forward in a new direction.

So I need to discover other horizons, other composers I have been avoiding until now, or I have not had time to devote myself to. It is fundamental for me to evaluate the situation and prepare myself to continue to go on peacefully.

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