Shift perspective and be positive!

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LIFE IS NOT ABOUTNot so long ago, I was a struggling artist. I was depressed because my career wasn’t taking off, I was feeling like a dog abandoned on the highway of success before a summer vacation. However, I had everything in my power to be successful: a solid experience, ideas, guts and people believing in and supporting me. But I couldn’t see that, because of my negativity. For years I’ve been unconsciously programming myself to be sad, unhappy and just able to complain about myself. Negativeness sucked my brain out and left me unproductive, uncreative and without friends. Who would like to be friend with a guy complaining all the time about himself and how unfair is life? Or do any kind of music with someone not believing he is an excellent pianist and has good ideas?

I remember the day I got suddenly enlightened: I was feeling extremely depressed, looked at my face in the mirror and thought: “That’s it. You’ve got to get your shit together and start living or quit playing.” Obviously I didn’t want to quit playing, so my only option was to pull myself together, stop whining and start doing something to help myself in the good direction.

What I didn’t know at this time is how long this was going to take. I didn’t really know in which direction I wanted to go. I was maybe playing the piano well, but my personality and my thinking were in embryonic stages. But I did know I had to change something and stop being negative.

Turning into a positive person doesn’t happen overnight but it literally can change your life. Not that it’s going to magically turn upside down any awful situation but shifting perspective enables you to see a positive side of it and often envision new possibilities and innovative paths. Shifting perspective and positive attitude, after many years of practice feels absolutely natural to me and definitely helped transform my life and the way I envision my work as a pianist. We’ll speak specifically about how I shifted perspective on my work very soon.

Of course, it doesn’t mean you never get angry but positive thinking makes it easier to disregard remarks and behavior that otherwise could cause anger. What really changed is that I’m never stuck anymore. I don’t feel helpless anymore. I feel empowered and I found a balance in my life. I’m busy all the time, involved in so many fabulous projects. I’m having fun all day long. Remember that the starting point was that I wanted to change and do something for myself: this is not only the result of positive thinking, but also the result of opening my eyes and seeing things differently.

Instead of desperately fighting against windmills, making my life dark and complicated, I work for my ideas. Instead of trying to destroy the unfair and/or the wrong (to my eyes!), I try to build the fair and the right (in my opinion!). That’s a huge change. That was not an easy one. But it is one of the powers of positiveness and perspective shifts.

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