Step into the digital era and stop buying CDs: The Artist’s perspective.

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CD = Garbage

Last December, I spoke about the environmental implications of CD production and why we should use digital audio files instead of CDs from a green perspective. As you should be aware of by now, I’m immensely in favor of digital audio products. Yes, it’s a huge step forward for our planet, but that’s not all. As an artist, I have been advocating in favor of lossless audio formats for a decade already. We’re not talking today about sound quality, but about the advantages of using digital format for an artist.

Well, I won’t surprise you by saying that there are many advantages for an artist to use digital files in audio production (and video production as well but that’s not today’s topic!), especially if you are supervising/managing the whole production.

Save us Time: Directly from the studio to the distributor, releasing in digital only can shorten production time by 1 or 2 months.

Save us money on production budget: CD manufacturing off the table, we save also a great deal of money on shipping fees, but also storage space isn’t needed: digital storage can be expensive, but not as expensive as physical storage. Cheaper for us means cheaper for you!

Easily shareable: well, before I was supposed to carry around CDs everywhere if I wanted to show my work, it wasn’t handy at all. Now, I always have my CD with me on a USB stick attached to my keyring and can easily transfer it to a smartphone or a computer, even in a better quality than a CD. And no headache at the post office anymore.

There is room for being more creative without necessarily being more expensive: You can package different media files with the album, like a video, an ebook, pictures, or a longer booklet than with a traditional CD.

Free the artist: Not so long ago, labels used to be the only ones able to trade with decent distributors and get the album in front of our audience. But dealing with big digital distributors like amazon or itunes is now possible for independent artists. Thanks to the digital world, we are finally in front of our audience every day, and thanks to digital distribution, our albums are available 24/7 everywhere in the world.

I’m sure there are many other advantages, but these are the most important to me. It has simplified my life and frankly, I wouldn’t want to go back in time and loose these advantages. Especially when there is no quality issue. But we’ll talk about audio quality very soon!

Do you see other pros for artists to use digital products instead of CDs? Did the switch to downloadable products was something good for you too? Let us know your story in the comment section below!