Step Into The Digital Era And Stop Buying CDs: The user’s perspective

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Usb Flash DrivesThird and penultimate post of our series about downloadable music products. This one is about you, about me and about everyone consuming recorded music. We saw in our last episodes that digital downloads have a lot of pros: from an environmental perspective but also from the artist’s point of view. What if you’re not an artist and you absolutely don’t care about environmental issues? Keep reading, it has some pretty awesome advantages for you too.

- It’s portable: It’s official we’re all nomads again. We travel much more than our ancestors, be it for leisure or business, we shift place of residence faster than ever. Each time choosing the CDs you wanted to take with you was a big dilemma. Who knows what one will want to listen to in 2 weeks… Or remember how annoying it is to pack and carry all your CDs when you move? That’s over. Digital downloads also solved the problem of choosing the one record you want to bring on a desert island. You can now bring them all.

- All albums are just a click away. I countlessly went to records shops to learn the specific album I wanted wasn’t on their shelves. I had to order it, and wait 3 to 5 weeks before getting it. And sometimes it was not possible to get it at all. Well this is over too. You see it, you add it to your library in seconds after the purchase. Easy and damn quick.

- Buy music anywhere at anytime: I sometimes crave for a particular piece of music I don’t have in my audio library. And often, it’s unfortunately at 3am. I used to get so frustrated but never again: with digital downloads, shops are open 24/7 and I can get new music whenever I want to.

- It’s simple : Easy to handle, it can be backed up quickly and downloadable products don’t slip from your hands and are difficult to damage, and even if you accidentally damage a file, you can redownload it from your original account or ask for an additional copy. Virtually a product for life.

- You can get more than a regular album: With a CD you knew what you’ll get. A CD, a booklet, a plastic box. If you are lucky, you could get a limited edition numbered, signed or with a hidden track or a special design. Nothing to blow your mind. With Digital products, there are no limits: no time limit (vs 80 minutes for a CD), no creativity boundary. You can get much more than just a piece of plastic and paper: you can get very surprised.

And this last point is maybe one of the most interesting for me. I want artists to get creative and make their digital albums special. At least that’s what I will try to do with this one. But the first four have been for me a huge step forward completely fitting my evolution and my needs. I’m still amazed people still want the “good old” CDs. As we’ll see in the next post, sound definition and quality are far from being a con of digital music products.

What do you think? Do you have ideas to add to this list? Did digital products change the way you consume music?

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