Thinking outside the box: notes before recording Beethoven

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Think outside the box

I’m super excited. In 2 weeks, I’m going to finally hit the studio to record the first volume of Beethoven – Evolutions. Last time I was in a studio for recording sessions was for this album in December 2011. Yes, that was a long time ago for someone who particularly loves studio work and its atmosphere. What am I thinking about a few days before flying to the studio? Keep reading to discover it.

Yes, it took me a long time before finding the way back to a recording studio and that’s for the best I hope. Last time I needed to apprehend the whole process, learn how to do things properly with the guidance of my fantastic crew. This time, we discussed a lot prior to sessions and I have a very different approach for this album. My debut recording was a wonderful introduction to solo full length recording, distribution and promotion. Thanks to this very important album, I acquired a valuable experience in production, distribution and promotion of music products. That has been an eye opener for many reasons and I feel completely comfortable producing a new album again, this time without the stress of novelty.

think out of the boxThis was a necessary step: I definitely gain in assertiveness and I’m more confident. The positive response generated by Introducing Pierre-Arnaud Dablemont helped me assess my ideas and proves me, if needed, that I’m heading in the right direction. For this second release, my ambition is to raise the bar higher. Or more exactly dig deeper. Make a step further into the direction of my opinions and allow my studio work to be highly personal and perfectly reflecting my views about music. That’s why it took me a little while before going back to the studio. I had to think.

How do I practically achieve that? Interpretation is one of the obvious answers. But only a partial one. You have to rethink studio work as well, how it is done and what it means. But I won’t tell more at this point, that would be no fun at all: I want your ears to be surprised the day of the release.

It’s now time to put the theory in practice. I’ll have a fun week in Prague, experimenting new things in studio. Even if I know more or less what it will sound like, I’m really impatient to hear the final result.