What do Beethoven, my thought process and a kindle have in common?

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Beethoven a Kindle and meYou might be aware I am currently preparing for recording sessions of this album which will take place in a little more than a month. During my journey to this studio time, I have been accumulating information and thoughts concerning Beethoven and his piano sonatas. Part of this information feeds the #LvBFact daily tweets but another part, much more difficult to express in 140 characters didn’t find its way to the public stage easily.

For my first release, Introducing Pierre-Arnaud Dablemont, the thinking process had spread over a decade and its result was primarily a personal synthesis of different influences inherited from my teenagehood and early adulthood. It was a slow evolution where I have been more a spectator of this changes than their architect. Nevertheless, this last album made me grow by leaps and bounds: it allowed me to break free from these influences and pave my own path towards musical truth.

This last year has been wonderful in every possible way for me: I met incredibly supporting people and I finally began to be the man and pianist I’ve always wanted to be, cleared out of the prejudices of who I am supposed to be and what I am supposed to do. I had to go through every aspect of my life and sort my ideas and beliefs in two categories: what I truly believe in and what was induced by social pressure or by a people-pleaser behavior. Of course, this had a major impact on my interpretation, the way I think music and has been especially challenging intellectually.

This is probably a good time to thank the people who made this introspection possible in various ways.

Several months ago, I discovered the importance of documenting the result of my labyrinthine thought process as well as my aesthetical choices for these Beethoven albums and I began to write about this. Pages and pages of thoughts, historical facts, smaller essays and analysis. I was not planning to publish any of these until I realized it could be a great idea to share this information with other people passionate about piano and classical music. As a teenager, I was fond of this nice books by musicians who let you see through their mind. Time to try to give back to the classical music community in that way too.

I first chose the written format to share these views: what’s better than a book to say what I have to say? The book is on its way, and my goal is to publish it a little before the release of my next album. Trimming, expanding, organizing, and also writing new parts have been on my plate for several weeks now.

And that process has been once again very valuable for me: it helped me connect the dots between my ideas and forced me to clean up my messy head to be 100% coherent with myself.

Why is the kindle mentioned in the title then? To be a little more coherent with myself and my advocacy of digital formats, there won’t be any tree cut for my verbiage.

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