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2010 has been declared Chopin year!18 September 2009

Each year represents an opportunity to honor a particular composer, and 2010 has been prepared actively. Indeed, pianist and composer Frédéric Chopin was born in 1810 and next year will be HIS year. We will “discover” the genius of Chopin and his complete works will be played over and over again.

Things that irritate us26 June 2009

I was talking a few days ago with an eminent colleague pianist, expatriate as myself, who, while on holidays in her native country after several years of absence, was asked by friends what she was doing in life. She naturally answered: “I play the piano” . Not satisfied with this answer, they asked her what she was seriously doing in life. Tragic… isn’t it? But all musicians will tell you, it’s typical!

Classical music against “undesirables”21 November 2008

The municipality of Trois-Rivières in Québec has found a strange way to secure the local underground parking. The authorities have indeed installed headspeakers, playing around the clock classical music in the stairwells of this big parking lot.
With a high sound level, the municipality intends to disturb and drive anyone seeking refuge in the parking lot [...]

The lying down concert: a new concept?14 October 2008

Some time ago, the famous ice cream brand Häagen-Dazs organized a two days event called “Dolce Heavenly Concert” in Tokyo. The “revolutionary” idea was to replace the hall seats with beds. The guests were therefore stretched out on luxury beds and had as much ice cream as they desired…

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Noise in concert halls10 August 2007

Today let’s speak about what occurs in the public during a concert. If certain halls are extraordinary quiet, others are absolutely not. The main problem of a concert hall: it is built to diffuse the sound, ALL sounds, so the noises too.
Among sound pollution of our concert halls, you can of course find the same [...]

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The SACEM’s twists and turns24 January 2007

At this end of January, my interest is focused on France and its SACEM. Does the “Society of the Authors, Composers and Publishers of Music” wish to deprive its members of diffusion?
Our team has decided a few weeks ago to put online for free some of my most recent recordings, in streaming and downloading versions. [...]

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