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Far beyond entertainment

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Is a musician just an entertainer or a little more than this? Is entertaining people the only purpose of Classical music? I strongly disagree with this simplistic idea. Entertaining people is one of the multiple possible goals of Art, but I don’t really think our job just stops here. We can go deeper and approach other layers of understanding of a work and offer something else than “nice” music.

Don’t worry, be happy!

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I used to enjoy reading news about classical music right, it used to bring me pleasure and positiveness compared to the uninterrupted flow of negativity we can hear in the traditional news. Brilliant articles on wonderful people and projects, critics defending and promoting the artists they like, all of this used to accompany my breakfast. Until I fled classical music news. Let me explain why.

Competitions, Janáček, and me

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One year ago, one of my readers asked me how I feel about competitions and if I could write something about this hot topic. I really had to think about it (one year!) and find the right time to publish this. But, wait, aren’t we in the middle of a series of posts dedicated to Janáček? Yes, absolutely, but you’ll soon understand the connection. As you can notice in my biography, I didn’t “win” any prize in any competition. Not that I never attended one, I did join one but I decided right after that I will never do it again. But don’t worry, I won’t bother you here with the traditional music-competitions-are-evil. Things are not that simple.

Label record deals Pros and cons

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I’m sorry I haven’t written for such a long time! I had a lot going on and I will share with you today one of my current concerns. For several months, I have been thinking of a recording project I feel very strongly about. Except the program, the studio, and all the little hassles associated with the recording itself, the question of the label came up. Indie label, major or running my own label, all these solutions have their pros and cons. Let’s do a quick overview of these very different options to grasp the situation clearly.

French classical pianist Genevieve Joy has died

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Genevieve Joy died Friday night in her sleep at the age of 90 years old. Key figure in contemporary music, she had played a major role in the spread of contemporary piano repertoire, creating works of her husband, Henri Dutilleux to whom my thoughts are, but also other leading composers like Pierre Boulez and Andre Jolivet. She has highlighted in her work the composers much more than herself.

How to choose a new piano

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So here it is, you are close to your dream: owning you own new piano. You get the impression to reach a stage, but I tell you, the adventure has only just begun. You will see that choosing a piano isn’t that easy. What range of price, which size? It is not that easy to find one’s way around as each manufacturer has very convincing argument points.

Is the debate over piracy a “false” debate?

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piano_micsArtistic licenses and protection of creations are a current concern. Illegal downloading, free music distributed by artists themselves; the world of music recording and distribution is changing. Today, many governments are adopting new laws to protect artists’ rights. But, does the artist really need it? I mean, is this protection really intended for artists or is there anyone else interested?

Music scene: the crisis is here

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stormFor some weeks now, we hear a lot about the financial crisis. A bank goes bankrupt, another one loses hundreds of millions, some big companies considered solid falter. The media go on and on about the consequences on the world economy, but we hear almost nothing about the effects on the art scene. Yet its consequences promise to be disastrous.

Happy birthday Mister Lachenmann!

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Yesterday, 27th of november, was the birthday of the German composer Helmut Lachenmann, born in 1935. Luigi Nono’s disciple, he is considered as a major composer of our time and as the most representative of the “klangkomposition”.