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The Chopin’s 24 studies4 June 2009

A few days ago, I was slowly recovering from the worst nightmare of my youth: Chopin’s 24 studies. My god, they tortured me so much! However, with hindsight, there was really no reason to flip out… It was certainly more a psychological than pianistic blockage. I even find it very funny to work today!

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The 5 most difficult piano pieces7 March 2009

It is a question I’m often asked and find it quite hard to give an answer. The notion of difficulty is a subjective one, and what may seem difficult to you may seem easy to someone else. This ranking does not thus escape my subjectivity – these are the most difficult piano pieces according to [...]

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Leoš Janáček’s piano works27 January 2009

Born in Hukvaldy in Moravia (Czech Republic), Leoš Janáček is a particularly interesting musical figure, quite unknown to the general public. Very inventive composer, his inspiration is drawn from his homeland’s folk songs. Best known for his operas (The Makropoulos Affair, From the House of the Dead…) and his orchestral works (Sinfonietta, Taras Bulba…), Janáček [...]

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Mozart’s Sonata Kv 3309 December 2008

Next week, I will give a recital in Prague. On the program, the famous Mozart’s sonata in C Major Kv 330. This sonata has been played many times, and by the biggest names… making it hard to tackle it, and even more difficult to assume in concert.

John Cage’s Water Walk14 November 2008

Today, a video of a great American composer, who already left us for 16 years. This document dates from January 1960 and shows us John Cage playing his Water Walk during the TV show “I’ve got a secret”.
At this time, John Cage was an extremely controversial character in the music world and taught experimental composition [...]

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The New World Symphony13 September 2008

Being in Prague and attending the conservatory, I’ve had A LOT of Dvorak… The New World Symphony, i.e. the ninth, is played everywhere. I hear it at least once a week.
What it has to do with what I want to tell you today? Well I’d like to introduce you to David Christoffel, author of Assimix, [...]

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Chopin’s sonata in b flat minor7 September 2008

Each time I exhume the Chopin’s sonata in B-flat minor, I’m wondering what he had in mind while writing the final movement. Four pages of triplets as fast as possible, pianissimo finishing fortissimo. Strange, but I love it. What I love even more, it’s to take advantage of this final to play an atonal work [...]

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