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The pianist’s body

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corps humainThe link between body and music is complex and inseparable. The perception and interpretation of musical works are carried out by the body. Any pianist can tell you: playing the piano involves the entire body and we often push it to the limits. We overuse our body, but what do we give in return?

French classical pianist Genevieve Joy has died

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Genevieve Joy died Friday night in her sleep at the age of 90 years old. Key figure in contemporary music, she had played a major role in the spread of contemporary piano repertoire, creating works of her husband, Henri Dutilleux to whom my thoughts are, but also other leading composers like Pierre Boulez and Andre Jolivet. She has highlighted in her work the composers much more than herself.

Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli

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20539_Michelangeli-Arturo-BenedettiA long time ago, I wrote few lines about Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli and my fascination for this pianist. Today I propose a short video to better understand one of the things I find very interesting in his play. When speaking about pianists, we must naturally consider the direct musical result but I think the visual aspects of their playing should not be forgotten. In Michelangeli, this component is exceptional.

The pianist’s loneliness

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loneliness1Loneliness is an issue that quite often comes up in discussion with people who know and follow me. I work alone, I play alone, I like being alone most of the time, but isn’t the feeling of loneliness heavy and suffocating? It is true that I don’t meet my friends very often, I am not a big fan of mass meetings and that I avoid crowded places. But in another hand, I like chatting over the phone and mailing them.

One year to change

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I know I have not written a post for a while… The recent weeks have been difficult and I had neither the desire nor time to write something. Today I’m going back to my blog after a bad flu which has left me weak and tired. As usual, I didn’t want to go and see a doctor, and that did not help. But here I am, at least partly. Partly, because I’m not playing the piano seriously these days.

Pierre-Arnaud dablemont takes a sabbatical

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After 10 years of intense work, Pierre-Arnaud Dablemont takes a sabbatical. Until summer 2010, the pianist will not appear on stage. This nedded break, long-planned, will give the musician time and space for deep thinking.

On rituals and lucky charms

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trefle a quatre feuilles Last week I wrote here about going on stage and I evoked the “lucky charm”. Today I will focus on pre-concert rituals as well as these charms. Some do not have rituals or lucky charms, and others elaborate complex rituals which become totally obsessive. Star’s whim or real necessity?

Going on stage

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carnegie hallConcert evening, in the dressing-room. Tonight, I’ll be playing a recital methodically prepared during the last weeks. Final moments before appearing on stage. Someone is knocking at the door. A glance in the mirror,last check for the presence of our good-luck stuffs and other necessities. It’s time to go. A few more moments to wait backstage, and suddenly the stage manager asks if I’m ready, opens the door, and motions to me to go on stage.

2010 has been declared Chopin year!

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Each year represents an opportunity to honor a particular composer, and 2010 has been prepared actively. Indeed, pianist and composer Frédéric Chopin was born in 1810 and next year will be HIS year. We will “discover” the genius of Chopin and his complete works will be played over and over again.

How to choose a new piano

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So here it is, you are close to your dream: owning you own new piano. You get the impression to reach a stage, but I tell you, the adventure has only just begun. You will see that choosing a piano isn’t that easy. What range of price, which size? It is not that easy to find one’s way around as each manufacturer has very convincing argument points.

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