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Dablemont to launch #LvbFact Twitter hashtag

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On Wednesday January 2nd 2013, pianist Pierre-Arnaud Dablemont will launch the twitter hashtag #LvBFact – a simple hashtag to learn and share about famous composer Ludwig van Beethoven.

Step into the digital era and stop buying CDs: The Environmental perspective.

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I’m a big fan of digital formats. I use them, I like them and I encourage people to do the same. I remember the old days when I had to choose 10 CDs of my collection before taking any plane. Now, I take my whole collection with me: who can plan what he’ll want to hear in 3 days? With this post, I’m starting a series of five posts about audio digital formats and why you should definitely make the switch.

Studio time or how to make my inner geek/control freak full of joy

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Recording Studio PatchbaySince my youth, I have a passion for studio equipment, recording and editing techniques. knew a lot about the brands, their different products, the software (yes, I’m young enough not to have lived the glorious era of tape recorders) and if I don’t really up to date with that now, I’ve been much more interested in exploring the possibilities offered by the tools and how this can serve the music I play and the recording I want to produce.

Top 5 piano practice tips

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How do you practice? How much time do you spend at the piano daily? These are questions I’m used to. But I never really answered to that. So, I took a few weeks to analyze my own practice sessions. Thanks to this introspection, I was able to highlight the main points governing my daily work. Want to know what are the 5 most valuable practicing tips according to me?

Take your time and respect your audience

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Of course this picture has nothing to do with the content of this post. Three months ago, I published a post untitled Far Beyond Entertainment. I guess I opened the Pandora box with this post. It’s really different to write down a story and publish from having an idea buried deeply inside your mind : you don’t have to structure, defend nor apply it. When it’s out, you have to help people understand what you meant, stand up for your idea and think what it changes in your life.

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