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Gulda – Beethoven – Piano concerto n°5

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Something new this week: as you certainly noticed, I put the name of the performer before the name of the composer. Yes, because today it’s not about discovering a work, it’s about discovering a certain version of this work. I assume that most of you already this well known piano concerto called “Emperor” but do you know this particular Gulda version?

Thinking outside the box: notes before recording Beethoven

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I’m super excited. In 2 weeks, I’m going to finally hit the studio to record the first volume of Beethoven – Evolutions. Last time I was in a studio for recording sessions was for this album in December 2011. Yes, that was a long time ago for someone who particularly loves studio work and its atmosphere. What am I thinking about a few days before flying to the studio? Keep reading to discover it.

The power of a #hashtag

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I launched at the beginning of this year the #LvBFact hashtag: Everyday at 4pm GMT I tweet about Ludwig van Beethoven. Having a Beethoven album on its way, I’ve read quite a lot about the composer over the last months and I wanted to share the information with more people than the people I speak to everyday.

Publishing a book: true need or fancy caprice?

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When I announced last week I was writing a book, I heard some voices telling me “why a book? Can’t you publish it on your blog?”. The answer is no. Or “Why writing anything about that?” There are lots of good reasons for this. Music is, like other arts, about reflection and time. I noticed we rarely talk about this interesting part of our work and want to share it. Also, I have always secretly wanted to write a book.

What do Beethoven and a kindle have in common?

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You might be aware I am currently preparing for recording sessions of this album which will take place in a little more than a month. During my journey to this studio time, I have been accumulating information and thoughts concerning Beethoven and his piano sonatas. Part of this information feeds the #LvBFact daily tweets but another part, much more difficult to express in 140 characters didn’t find its way to the public stage easily.