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Publishing a book: true need or fancy caprice?


When I announced last week I was writing a book, I heard some voices telling me “why a book? Can’t you publish it on your blog?”. The answer is no. Or “Why writing anything about that?” There are lots of good reasons for this. Music is, like other arts, about reflection and time. I noticed we rarely talk about this interesting part of our work and want to share it. Also, I have always secretly wanted to write a book.

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Hello 2011!

First post of the year : 2010 just ended and 2011 shows the tip of his nose. My best wishes for a prosperous 2011! I do not know about you, but for me, 2011 will be full of great events. A lot of work ahead and the joy of seeing that the 2010 work really paid off.

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The art of piano playing


neuhausI would like to tell you about a book I own, like any other pianist I suppose: “The art of piano playing” by Heinrich Neuhaus, very enriching bible on diverse aspects of our favorite instrument. Like many others, I read it and re-read it, and according to the age I was, I understood it differently. “Do not find yourself in the music, but find the music in yourself” he used to say. Something we all should ponder on…

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