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Shift perspective and be positive!

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LIFE IS NOT ABOUTNot so long ago, I was a struggling artist. I was depressed because my career wasn’t taking off, I was feeling like a dog abandoned on the highway of success before a summer vacation. However, I had everything in my power to be successful: a solid experience, ideas, guts and people believing in and supporting me. What did prevent me to be happy and successful? Keep reading to discover it!

Don’t worry, be happy!

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I used to enjoy reading news about classical music right, it used to bring me pleasure and positiveness compared to the uninterrupted flow of negativity we can hear in the traditional news. Brilliant articles on wonderful people and projects, critics defending and promoting the artists they like, all of this used to accompany my breakfast. Until I fled classical music news. Let me explain why.

Hello 2011!

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First post of the year : 2010 just ended and 2011 shows the tip of his nose. My best wishes for a prosperous 2011! I do not know about you, but for me, 2011 will be full of great events. A lot of work ahead and the joy of seeing that the 2010 work really paid off.

Needing Rebirth? I don’t think so…

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This week, a post a little more personal. I would like to comment Greg Sandow’s post entitled Needing Rebirth, which sparked a controversy in the american blogosphere. At first I paid no attention to it, then after rereading it, I started to think deeply about it.

To sum up, Sandow talks about two concerts he heard in Washington: Janine Jansen playing the Sibelius concerto with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra of Amsterdam and one of the ECCO (East Coast Chamber Orchestra). Both took place at the Kennedy Center.

2010 has been declared Chopin year!

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Each year represents an opportunity to honor a particular composer, and 2010 has been prepared actively. Indeed, pianist and composer Frédéric Chopin was born in 1810 and next year will be HIS year. We will “discover” the genius of Chopin and his complete works will be played over and over again.

Things that irritate us

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I was talking a few days ago with an eminent colleague pianist, expatriate as myself, who, while on holidays in her native country after several years of absence, was asked by friends what she was doing in life. She naturally answered: “I play the piano” . Not satisfied with this answer, they asked her what she was seriously doing in life. Tragic… isn’t it? But all musicians will tell you, it’s typical!

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