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Recording 3.0: Rethinking the way we work

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Over the last weeks I have been expressing lots of controversial ideas and swimming against the tide. I needed to set up the scenery before detailing some specific actions. I made my case about the bad working conditions of musicians and how these force us to lower our expectations and, far worse, the quality of our work. I also spoke last week about the musician’s lack of interest for other media as art forms and his/her wrong obsession with a dying art form: the concert. Of course, this has consequences on the way I work, especially in studio. Today, I’d like to share today some of the changes I’ll be operating in the following weeks concerning one of my prefered medium: recordings.

Thinking outside the box: notes before recording Beethoven

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I’m super excited. In 2 weeks, I’m going to finally hit the studio to record the first volume of Beethoven – Evolutions. Last time I was in a studio for recording sessions was for this album in December 2011. Yes, that was a long time ago for someone who particularly loves studio work and its atmosphere. What am I thinking about a few days before flying to the studio? Keep reading to discover it.

Studio time or how to make my inner geek/control freak full of joy

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Since my youth, I have a passion for studio equipment, recording and editing techniques. knew a lot about the brands, their different products, the software (yes, I’m young enough not to have lived the glorious era of tape recorders) and if I don’t really up to date with that now, I’ve been much more interested in exploring the possibilities offered by the tools and how this can serve the music I play and the recording I want to produce.